Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brand YOU: Personal branding

This is an awesome presentation with a powerful message about personal branding. It was created by Kristian Andersen + Associates, a company that calls itself "a multi-disciplinary brand and experience design consultancy."

Push past the jargon and take a look at this slideshow that needs nothing more to show you that if you aren't branding yourself, you can be sure that others are doing it for you.

Journalists & Brands: Figure out who you are and be it

I put this sideshow together before talking with a team of six journalism students about the idea of branding.

I wrote this blog post after working with this bright group of students on the idea of personal branding: I saw the future of journalism today.

The students were bright, upbeat, knew a lot, but were open about what they didn't know. And they were just as nervous and fledgling in their approach to their own personal branding as more seasoned journalists I've worked with.

Toward the end of this presentation, it is filled with slides showing how several young journalists have branded themselves. They are all different. Their skills and interests are different. But what they have in common is that they have made a concerted effort to present themselves in a consistent manner across a wide range of online platforms. They have taken control of their brand, their image.

You can too.

15 ways to implement professional / personal brand

Todd Stephens, from the online services team at AT&T, produced this slideshow which outlines a wide range of areas in which individuals need to be aware of their brand or image.

 An attention-getting quote from his final slide:
 "If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less."

The brand "You" - Set yourself apart

This look at branding was put together by Alicia Falcone, University of Kansas, School of Business and owner of BrandWORKS.

Branding: It's not a dirty word

One of the three tracks during JAWS CAMP 2011, focused on building your brand and your career. Sessions looked at skills development with an emphasis on building your brand, and the future of publishing.

 This blog pulls together materials related to a Saturday morning session: Career: Branding U: Building Your Journalism “Brand”

 A career in journalism today takes more than a well-placed byline. Editors, producers, publishers, and readers want and expect more from the journalists who tell our stories – they want to know you.

Journalists are expected not only to continue to deliver exceptional work, but also to use the digital and social media tools to get their work out there. Understanding how to convey your unique offering is essential.

 This session will provide insight into how to build your brand, how to capitalize on social and digital media, and how to get over the feeling that “branding” is just another dirty word for self-promotion.

 Panelists include

  • Mary C. Curtis, a 2006 Neiman Fellow and past writer/columnist/editor for The New York Times, Associated Press, among others;
  • Robin J. Phillips, web-managing editor for the Reynolds Center For Business Journalism and an expert on digital and social media; and
  • Megan Cottrell, an innovative young journalist working on issues of poverty and class.
  • Moderator: Lisen Stromberg, an award-winning essayist, columnist, and recovering MBA with over twenty years working in branding and marketing strategy.